10 Industries That Need SEO To Survive

As a specialist in SEO, I can assure you that the marketing skill is not dead, nor will it be anytime soon.  Ignoring SEO for your website is providing you with missed opportunities for growth in your small business.  Even if you decide to handle SEO for your small business without hiring an agency that specializes it, do not let it fall by the waste side.  The majority of users trust Google’s organic search results over paid ads.  If you don’t even fall into any of these categories, I still feel that someone will still search Google for what your business offers.  It’s what we have grown to do as a habit in the last 15-20 years.

Medical Professionals

Studies show that more and more people are using internet searches to find their next doctor, dentist, etc. That means that it’s imperative for the professionals in the medical industry to make sure that they have a professional, easily accessible, and accurate web presence. Showing up at the top of search engine results for medical services in the area that the patient is searching could be the difference between gaining a new patient and losing that patient to a different practice.

Real Estate Agents

Much like medical professionals, it’s likely that there are many, many real estate agents in any given community. Another important component of real estate SEO is that potential clients use the internet to search for houses, so it only makes sense that the next step is to use the internet to search for someone to help them buy that house. That means that quality SEO is imperative to their success. An easily accessible, clear website is the best way to grab new clients.


These businesses thrive on positive reviews, and positive reviews are one way to ensure that a business’ local SEO is top quality. The more reviews and, specifically, the more positive reviews that a business has, the better their SEO.


Much like restaurants, bars depend on great SEO to keep them at the top of search engine results. And, probably even more so than restaurants, bars have really loyal customers who come back again and again. That opens the door for a bunch of positive reviews from customers who are very familiar with the business and that’s a great way to promote it and set apart from the rest.


Much like medical professionals, more and more lawyers are capitalizing on internet search engines to gain new clients and achieve wider reach. A professional, highly ranked, accurate, and easily accessible website is absolutely necessary to gain those clients.

Skilled Tradesmen

Tradesmen like plumbers, locksmiths, and other professionals can benefit greatly from SEO for two main reasons. One, they offer a service that people cannot do on their own so they are a necessity and two, people searching for these professionals generally need the service immediately. That means that they’re less likely to poll friends or family to find their best option. Instead, they’ll rely on a quick internet search to find someone who can provide the service, and that means that optimizing SEO is hugely important in this industry.

Repair Shops

Much like skilled tradesmen, these services are often needed immediately and with a high level of urgency. Additionally, the location of the repair shop probably plays a big part in how attractive it is to the customers, meaning that optimizing local SEO is important.

Travel Agents

People generally get online to do research about the place that they’re planning to visit or to determine which places they should visit. That means that a savvy travel agency with a top-ranking website will see a ton of online-generated business.

Seasonal Businesses

Businesses that (hopefully) see a huge influx of customers during their “in-season” can benefit in a huge way from quality SEO. That’s because, much like the specialty services listed above, people are likely going to need a seasonal service quickly and conveniently. Getting your landscaping business, for example, to the top of the search engine results will pay huge dividends.

Remember that good SEO takes about 3-4 months to kick in, so it’s important to set the SEO stage early by optimizing your website and producing those high-quality referral links to grow before the season.

ANY Small Business

It should also be stressed that, even if a small business doesn’t fall into any of the categories listed above, it’s still vitally important to use SEO for small business marketing. That’s because many small businesses don’t have the budget to advertise in major publications, but they likely have the budget to take steps to build solid SEO that will return solid results.