We are here to build a better digital world.

We are designers, engineers, and strategists. A team with a unique mix of skills knit together by our client-focused process, honed by decades of experience, that delivers real results, every time.


1.Left Brain
Think side. The analytical side of the agency.

2. Right Brain
Brain side. The creative brainstorming and mind mapping side of the agency.

Why did you start this company?

I started ThinkBrain because of the services that have evolved from my previous agency, Nivo. Our clients were hiring us for the standard digital marketing services such as SEO, social media, influencer outreach, and content creation; however, we would also have these amazing brainstorming sessions that would help them build successful campaigns and strategies outside of what we were doing. Once I started seeing the success, I knew we had a niche that could be useful for not only businesses of all sizes but also agencies that need some extra brains in the room.

What does ThinkBrain mean?

ThinkBrain is essentially the two sides of your brain, the right side and left side.  So the Think part of the company, which happens to be on the left side of the company name, is the logic and numerical approach.  Brain, which is the right side of the brand, is also the right side of the brain and focuses on the creative, “brain” storming ideas.

I really wanted to build an agency that was well thought out with elements of both logic and creativity.  Our agency’s brand is a direct reflection of how we work.

What’s the difference working with your agency versus others in Los Angeles?

Our marketing agency isn’t trying to steal clients or to take your entire budget.  Our goal is to give our clients a new radical style of thinking, complimenting the team they have in place and working with agencies that are already on board.  Not only do we provide a lot of ideas based on our experiences, but we also help others unleash their creativity with a bounce back brainstorm.

Yes, we carry SEO, Social Media, Adwords, Website Design, Lead Generation, Sales Funnels, and Content Creation; it’s what THINK is really good at and there is always a need to fulfill.  But we’ll never jump over boundaries and prove someone wrong if we’re brought into a focused session that is strictly based on the BRAIN.

Is your company in Los Angeles?

Correct.  We’re based in El Segundo but we have clients all over the US that we cater to and travel to see.  We’ve flown to NY to shoot video segments and then We’d edit them on the flight back to LA and would have them ready the next day if they needed it that fast.  We also serve all of the areas of LA including:

  • Beverly Hills
  • Burbank
  • El Segundo
  • Encino
  • Hermosa Beach
  • Hollywood
  • Malibu
  • Manhattan Beach
  • Marina Del Rey
  • Playa Vista
  • Redondo Beach
  • Santa Monica
  • Sherman Oaks
  • Torrance
  • Venice Beach
  • West Hollywood

Are you a one stop shop?

I think it depends on the business and what they’re looking for.  I’d consider us more of a custom marketing agency over a one stop shop.  We have some pretty amazing partners that handle website hosting and infrastructure, mobile app development, site security, and agile site development that is beyond what we do.  However we work closely with them with our User Experience consulting and we have a unique hand off approach that gives the referral a much more warm way of doing business instead of just throwing a name and number at you.  You get a lot more value when we provide an introduction than if you did the introduction yourself.

Any last words for potential clients that are reading this?

We have plenty of referrals that really speak for themselves.  We’ve worked with clients of all sizes and net worth and we know what to bring to the table.  Shoot us a message and take a meeting to see for yourself.

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