Welcome to ThinkBrain Playa Vista

Digital Marketing Made Simple

We build and deploy digital marketing and web design solutions for other agencies and businesses to gain market share with their target demographic with simple solutions in the Playa Vista area.


We love website design and digital marketing.

ThinkBrain provides a unique approach to handling our clients’ campaigns that compliment both established agencies and in-house teams.

We specialize in organic local SEO & Google Adwords traffic along with social media ad buying and marketing for local and national businesses. Our agency also builds content for social media photo and video content in all channels of social media like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Our agency doesn’t believe in cookie cutter marketing and advertising.

Every business is different and requires a different set of goals to achieve. Why would you hire a company that provides the same marketing plan to your competitors?


Your boss will be happy with ThinkBrain

Every business has an idea, and a deadline. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have this achieved every time and get a high five from your boss for a job well done?

We provide gamestorming and idea generation.

Sometimes a solution is needed beyond the norm, and it’s why we have ThinkBrain Sessions that can be used to look at both creative and practical opportunities for achieving your goals with short term campaigns or ongoing growth for your business.

Did You Know?


The human head weights 10 pounds

Playa Vista has three local coffee shops

Brainstorming sessions are top rated for successful campaign development

Emerging social media engages their audience more effectively than television

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