SEO Marketing is Our Specialty

SEO Marketing is the most important long term strategy that every business should have a budget for, no matter how larger or small. Our ThinkBrain team specializes in both Local SEO and National SEO to give results for businesses of all sizes. We are a transparent SEO agency you can trust.


Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova is a Los Angeles based e-commerce site for women’s fashion.  The company hired ThinkBrain as the SEO agency to build traffic and is now one of the top ranking fashion merchants with #1 keyword rankings such as:

  • Fashion
  • Tube Dresses
  • Jumpsuit Black
  • Fashion Dress
  • Fashion Jeans
  • Jumpers

These are just a select strong SEO keywords to name a few out of over 80,000.  ThinkBrain was brought on board to assist with serious page errors, page optimization, social signals, and highly targeted backlinks.  In just a short amount of time, the company was re-indexed by Google and had over 30% growth in ranking.

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Organic Search Traffic Will Boost Your Business

We follow a strict 14 step SEO Audit to every client to ensure all of the necessary components are being handled.

100% Error Free Website

The website must not have broken links from within the site or from external sources pointing in. Our team strategically redirects the links to the next best page.

Keyword Research Is Essential

Our team spends a significant amount of time researching the necessary keywords to target that will yield the best results for every page. These keywords come from a variety of methods, including competition comparison.

Backlinks Are Still Important

High quality page ranking backlinks are still an absolute essential priority for all websites, local and national. The key to the backlinks is quality and targeted. Our white-hat backlink process provides you clean and strong backlinks that will immediately boost your search rankings.

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We Provide 100% Transparency

There are a lot of ‘agencies’ that claim to handle SEO and unfortunately they leave a bad reputation to the business, so we can understand how hard it is to choose a reputable digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO for business.

Our ThinkBrain transparency method gives you a clear understanding of the steps we take in order to provide you with a clear picture of how your site is going to rank higher.  No surprises or secrets.

Each month we provide a custom made end-of-month report that gathers all of the necessary resources from Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, and other screenshots from our professional marketing software.  In addition to a ‘what’s done’ report, we provide a clear path with what we are doing next.

We are 100% Local in Los Angeles

Our team is based in Los Angeles and nothing is outsourced to any other agency. The only person on our team outside of LA is our Google Adwords specialist and he’s based in New York.

We Are Very Accessible To Help

Another strength with choosing ThinkBrain is that our team does not work 9am-5pm hours. We do our best to be as available as possible to help with any questions or issues that may come up. If there is a specific amount of time off required, we will always relay the information prior to all of our clients and there is always a backup plan.

Some of Our Past and Present SEO Clients

Our agency has worked with businesses in many industries and sizes.

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